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MSA TechnaCurve Full Body Harness



  • Curvilinear Comfort System
  • Visco-Elastic Shoulder padding
  • Secure-Fit buckles
  • Teflon® Coated Webbing
  • Complete adjustment of the back
    D-ring to provide proper harness fit
  • A special polymer blend allows for
    optimal strength and minimal weight,
    giving you a lighter harness
  • Universal Size:  (S – XL)

Test & Approvals: Meets OSHA Regulations; ANSI A10.32; ANSI Z359.1; Certified to CSA Z259.10-M90




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The TechnaCurv® Full Body Harnesses offer features never seen before in full-body harnesses: Curvilinear comfort system, Visco-Elastic shoulder padding, and Sorbtek fabric on the shoulder and sub-pelvic pads. The harness is designed with downward adjusting torso straps on most models to ease fitting.

TechnaCurv Harness, Vest-Style, BACK & HIP D-rings, Tongue Buckle leg straps, Qwik-Fit chest strap, Standard (STD)

Size: Universal (S- XL)

Additional information

Weight3.0 kg
Dimensions46 × 31 × 9 cm

Universal (S-XL)


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