Fire Retardant Work Shirt Khaki


Westex UltraSoft® fabric  was designed with both comfort and safety in mind. UltraSoft® offers a unique blend of 88% cotton and 12% high-tenacity nylon to provide a soft feel for greater comfort, enhanced wear life and protective performance. The fabric is engineered to focus the excellent abrasion resistance of the nylon on the outer surface to prolong garment wear life, while the cotton fibers are focused towards the skin to optimize comfort.

UltraSoft® is guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment in either high-temperature industrial or home washing procedures. That makes it ideal for enhanced protection from electric arc and flash fire exposures, as well as multipurpose protection from electric arc flash, flash fire, molten ferrous metal and welding exposures.

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UltraSoft® Deluxe Work Shirt – Style 650

  • 7 oz. – 88% Cotton, 12% high tenacity
    nylon from Westex
  • Engineered for flame resistance and
    guaranteed for the life of the garment
  • 50% extended garment wear life
    over 100% cotton
  • New soft feel of cotton comfort
  • Multi-purpose protection from electric
    arc, flash fire, molten ferrous metal
    (not molten aluminum) and also
    welding exposure
  • Comes in navy blue or khaki


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Weight .609 kg
Dimensions 46 x 31 x 9 cm

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