• Lens Colors:  Clear, Dark, 50/50, Amber 
  • Foam-lined subframe is precision engineered to offer maximum comfort and a gap-free seal around the eyes to keep debris out
  • Optimized design based on extensive fit testing and morphological research to ensure an excellent, comfortable fit almost any wearer
  • Flexible design can be worn with a headband like a goggle or with temples like a spectacle
  • Ratcheting temples adjust lens angle by up to 15° for optimal coverage and air circulation
  • Padded temples are engineered to provide ideal tension and flex for superior comfort and fit
  • Streamlined, wraparound frame design accommodates respirators and other PPE, while the low-profile temples fit comfortably with earmuffs



In high-particulate environments that require sealed eyewear, a proper fit is absolutely critical. Through extensive research and fit-testing on hundreds of workers, Uvex Livewire sealed eyewear sets the bar for achieving a proper fit on even the hardest to fit individuals. And when it comes to anti-fog performance and durability, Uvex Livewire sealed eyewear delivers on all counts.


Uvex Livewire sealed eyewear delivers the fit, performance and protection required in extreme environments, protecting workers against intense wind, sun, dirt, dust and debris, as well as high heat and humidity. With 10X longer-lasting anti-fog performance, and a precision, fit-tested foam-lined frame that defies debris, Uvex Livewire sealed eyewear is engineered for the extreme. 

Uvex Livewire Sealed Eyewear (10 Pairs)

Lens Color
  • 0.7 Kg

  • 20 × 12 × 7 cm

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