Pipeliner Welding Jacket

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Weldarmor Leather Pipeliner Welding Jacket

You’ve been told all your life to not play with fire. But what if playing with fire is a part of your day job? Do you have to work in a dangerous environment on a daily basis? Do you need protection from heat, spatters, and sparks from welding? If so, then you must consider taking the necessary precautions and protective measures to ensure your safety. The first step towards achieving that would be to get a proper welding hoodie. The right leather pipeliner welding jacket lets you work comfortably while protecting you from the scorching heat. And you’ll find the biggest collection of pipeliner welding jacket here for all budgets and sizes.

Our Collection

The main requirement from a welding hoodie is providing protection while being lightweight and flexible for the wearer’s convenience. The jacket should also be airy so that the wearer doesn’t feel too hot after working for prolonged periods. Keeping these things in mind, we have designed a fantastic pipeliner welding jacket that offers the wearer the best of comfort, style, and protection. Choose from our extensive collection of leather pipeliner welding apparel collection and take your pick of the market. No matter which one you choose, be sure that you’re getting the best welding hoodies out there.

Our Leather Pipeliner Welding Jacket Is A Great Investment

Our leather pipeliner welding jacket offers the wearer maximum protection and flexibility. We have the best designs for all budgets and sizes, for both male and female welders.

Made from medium-weight FR fleece, our FR welding hoodies are one of the best protection gear in the market. The material is made from 55% Modacrylic and 45% cotton. Our hoodies are specifically treated to offer optimum flame resistance. You can trust our pipeliner welding hoody to last years. Featuring premium-grade leather sleeves and front slash pockets, the welding jackets provide increased protection against the elements and much-needed longevity. Since you’re going to be working in extreme conditions, you need protection gear that can keep up with the extremes.  Our welding pipeliner jackets let you face the heat head on because they feature premium grade cross-leather front. It additionally protects the wearer from spark, slag, and falling debris.

Even better, our welding hoodies come with FR vision zipper with protective cover flap. The leather pipeliner welding gear is sewn with a high-tenacity FR threads. The critical wear areas and stress points are double-stitched and bar-tracked for enduring rugged conditions. Another excellent feature of our jackets is the detachable dual leather hood, that protects the face and the head. The hood also features the Breathe-Strip, which is a trademark for all our Pipeliner styled welding jackets.

If you’re on the lookout for the best pipeliner welding jacket in the market, look no further than our designs. We have countless amazing welding jackets in our collection. Whatever your budget is, you’ll find the right jacket for your needs. Check out our collection and get yourself the best protection money can buy.


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