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Protective Leather Welding Gloves

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Leather welding gloves are a key piece of a welder’s necessary apparel. It’s important that when handling welding torches, you have to ensure that your fingers are as safe from the scorching heat as possible. Since your hands are the closest to the extremely high heat of the torch, they require durable and strong burn protection. However, protection shouldn’t come in the way of the natural movement of your wrist and fingers. That’s why a pair of leather welding gloves that allow your hands to stay cool and burn-free is a must-have for pipelines workers. If you’re on the lookout for MIG welding gloves that keep you safe and comfortable, the best collection is just a click away. Please keep in mind that our Collection also includes women’s welding gloves.

We aim to provide the best collection of welding gloves for our customers. Browse our collection for the best protective gear money can buy. Who says you have to give up on flexible finger movements if you want to protect them from the burn, spatters, and sparks?

Best Leather Welding Gloves For You

The following section details some of the best MIG welding gloves in our collection. There are numerous options for both men and women of all budgets and sizes. Choose the gloves that fit your needs the best.

Brown Cowhide Leather Fabricating Gloves

These non-insulated leather welding gloves are made of full-grain premium cowhide leather. The high-quality material makes working in these gloves quite pleasant. The edge of the gloves is flanked with cotton fleece lining which adds to the comfort of the wearer. The gloves are Kevlar stitched, which makes it incredibly tough and durable. These MIG welding gloves consist of wing thumbs and a split leather back. Furthermore, the gauntlet style cuffs make the gloves more protective against sparks, slags and burn injuries.

White Goatskin Leather Driver Gloves

These TIG welding gloves offered supreme insulated protection against high heat and slags during welding. These gloves are made of full-grain white goatskin leather. The keystone thumb design helps you churn out flawless performances without compromising on the protection. The elastic wrists provide ergonomic fit while the flared cuffs keep the hands airy and dry. They also allow you to work for while in the heat, thanks to the C100 Thinsulate lining.

Grey Cowhide Leather Fabricating Gloves

Another great prospective addition to your toolkit can be these non-insulated MIG welding gloves. The gloves are made of full grain cowhide leather of the highest quality. The edges of the MIG welding gloves are lined with cotton fleece, which makes for very comfortable wearing experience for the wearer. The Kevlar stitched exterior adds to the ruggedness of the gloves. The wing thumb and split leather back offer the flexibility of movement for the wearer. Meanwhile, the gauntlet style cuffs are a welcome feature in the high heat environment of welding.

These amazing TIG welding gloves are just a small part of what we have in our collection. Browse through our collection to find out the perfect TIG welding gloves for yourself at the most affordable prices.

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