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Protective welding bibs

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Our protective welding bibs are necessary for a welder to have. Our Welding aprons are a very good addition to the protective apparatus that needs to be used by welders when they’re carrying out or performing their day to day tasks. These protective welding bibs will help to protect the welder against spatter, debris, and thermally shielding them from high heat with the fire resistant qualities that these welding aprons have. These aprons have been a very important piece of protective apparel that has also protected the body from UV exposure as well as injury.

Making sure that you are wearing the best protective leather welding aprons is critical to your safety and will help you reduce injury and downtime. This is why Armor Apparel has developed one of the strongest aprons available to anybody working in this industry. Of course, one thing that we did consider when developing these welding bibs is the comfort and how they fit over your clothes are coveralls so they will not hinder your movement or ability to move around while wearing them.

Our Leather Welding Aprons Are The Most Durable In the Industry

Wearing the proper protective welding apparel is essential to prevent accidents and injuries from happening in the shops and on the field. These protective leathers are fire resistant and will not catch fire easily, thus allowing the individual wearing them the ability to withstand high heat and temperatures that they would regularly stay away from. Individual welding will still need to wear his coveralls or leather welding jacket, however, the welding apron gives added protection in the mid-section and down.

When we develop our protective Armor Apparel, we always use the highest quality materials that will withstand the high heat and flames welders deal with on a day-to-day basis. This means that Kevlar is high quality, the leather is like no other, and the straps and buckles have been developed to last.

Our welding aprons have been developed with fire-resistant high-density Kevlar stitching with premium grade cross leather for increased protection from spark, slag, and falling debris. This welding apron has double stitching and bar tacked reinforcements at all stress points and critical areas which have movement and would need to be strengthened and maintain the reputation of the WeldArmor brand The flame retardant protective leather welding bib is guaranteed for life of the garment. We stand behind our product 100% and will ensure the longevity and fire resistant qualities that it brings to the table.

When you are looking for quality protective apparel for your welding projects, you can rest assured that the WeldArmor brand provided by Armor Apparel is one of the most reputable and long-lasting brands in the industry.


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