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Fire Retardant Protective Clothing

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Fire retardant clothing is mandatory for many brave professionals that face extreme conditions in their workplace. FR clothing is not for everyone, but many of these brave souls are working near flames and high heat to earn their living. To reduce the risk of injury and accidents, these professionals have to take the necessary precautions and stay on guard the whole time. Flame resistant clothing is a vital component of their workout gear and keeps them safe from fires and burns in their workplace.

Weldarmor Fire Retardant Clothing

If you’re looking for the toughest FR clothing on the market, Weldarmor is the name you should be looking after. The brand is determined to provide the hardest working flame resistant clothing for the men and women who need it. Weldarmor flame resistant clothing ensures your safety and peace of mind in the harshest working conditions. You can choose from a wide variety of shirts, pants, and outerwear to keep you safe while on the job.

Weldarmor Pipeliner:

The Weldarmor Pipeliner Welding Jackets are FR clothing made of mid-weight fleece. The material is comprised of 45% Cotton and 55% Modacrylic, which guarantees durability and protection from flames. The material is stitched together with high-tenacity fire resistant thread. All the stress points and critical abrasion zones are double stitched and bar-tacked. The front slash pockets and leather sleeves are made of premium leather. It, along with the high-quality cross-leather front, offers increased protection from debris, sparks, and slag. The fire retardant clothing also features a protective hood made of dual leather and can be detached if necessary.

The fire retardant clothing fleece, made specifically for protection against welding and torching, protects welders and firefighters from catching on fire or heat. The reinforced front pockets add functionality by letting you keep your keys there. The Cowhide raglan leather sleeves add to the durability of the jacket.  If you are looking for FR clothing you can trust on; the Pipeliner is the best value for your money.

Weldarmor Titanium FR Hooded Sweatshirt:

Made from the same material of the Pipeliner Welding jacket, the Hooded FR sweatshirt from Weldarmor is a must-have part of your safety gear. The fleece protects the wearer and prolongs the life of the sweatshirt. It also features the same high-quality leather sleeves and front slash pockets that add toughness and functionality to the fabric. High-Quality FR thread keeps everything together with double stitched and bar-tacked protection at the key abrasive areas. To top it off, the sweatshirt also features the trademark detachable hood for all Titanium FR clothing.

Proximity to fire and heat can complicate matters for you. But that’s not the case if you’re wearing fire retardant clothing from Weldarmor. The Titanium sweatshirts also feature prominent fire retardant reflective strips to increase worker visibility in dark, smoky conditions. A flap protects the resin zipper of the sweatshirt. Furthermore, the employee can choose to remove the detachable hood to increase the field of vision when necessary.

When working with fire is your daily job, don’t leave anything to chance. Ensure your protection with Weldarmor, the best flame resistant clothing the market has to offer.


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