Armor Apparel Inc.

Founded in 2012, Armor Apparel is a unique manufacturer of next generation protective work apparel. Through innovation, we are committed to delivering best-in-class apparel solutions that directly benefit the workers who wear them, giving them confidence while working in rugged environments. Our ongoing commitment to our customers is relentlessly searching for ways to improve our garments through improved protection capabilities, comfort, fit, durability and longevity

Worker safety is our top priority and we are dedicated to building a strong safety culture for our customers and employees. “The mission of Weldarmor is to be the most preferred brand of high performance work apparel solutions globally, consistently providing our valued customers with industry leading products that they can trust and rely on, today and for generations to come”

Our philosophy
“From Experience to Innovation”
Goals & values
  1. Safety

  2. Quality 

  3. Customer Satisfaction

  4. Innovation

  5. Dedication

Our Featured Products